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Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console

Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console is a small GUI for PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Tools by Rainer Keuchel. There are 2 versions of the interface; one written in Tcl/Tk, and the other written in C, using the GTK2 libraries.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2005 15:06

    Release Notes: Many bugs and segfaults have been fixed, and the code has been cleaned up. It is no longer necessary to have both xine and mplayer installed. Mplayer and Xine management has been improved with respect to audio/video options, deinterlace methods, and similar. Gentoo ebuilds have been prepared. Small improvements have been made.

    •  10 Jan 2004 18:34

      Release Notes: The config-file has been restructured (and is incompatible with previous versions). The "Modify Channels" submenu has been moved to the "Functions" menu. The "Load Channel File" and "Import Channel File" submenus were added to the "Functions" menu. The "Movies Directory" submenu has been activated. Support for new dunetools with new firmware files (and new formats) was added. Lots of bugs and segfaults were fixed. Small improvements were made here and there.

      •  25 Dec 2003 20:35

        Release Notes: This release adds a reorganized configuration file (incompatible with previous versions), nicer interface graphics, menu support, a "Preferences" menu with "Channels Options" and "Modify Channels" submenus, a "Functions" menu with a "Quit" submenu, a "Help" menu with an "About" submenu, channel-scan functions, channels-management functions, channel-file management functions, fixes for lots of bugs and segfaults, and small improvements here and there.

        •  27 Nov 2003 15:50

          Release Notes: This release checks the path for the programs needed before trying to launch the GUI, preventing crashes and telling the user what to do to solve the problem. This is the first release of the Bungee interface.

          •  27 Nov 2003 11:34

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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