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11 Feb 2004 11:11 maltepalte

is pavuk dead?
Pavuk is a friggin awesome program, outperforming wget, both in functionality and speed thanks to the multithreading. But.. its been quite a while since an update was last released (2001). Has pavuk development ceased? Tried to email Ondrej but no reply. Does anyone know anything about this?

21 Jul 2003 17:58 gervin23

i have to agree that this is a great tool. as a matter of fact, it saved my hide during a production run that wget couldn't quite handle. i had used wget on a quarterly basis to crawl a website (using --no-directories option) and noticed it was overwriting files because of case sensitivity (linux server downloading to windows machine). also, i had written a quick script to rename any files (and links within the files) which wget had renamed as a result of duplicates (default.png, default.png.1, etc..). pavuk resolves all these problems nicely.

thank you very much!

22 Jan 2003 05:37 parallelport

Very nice tool
pavuk has a lot of options and it seems it can do everything. I like the limiting by MIME type. wget cannot do this :-(

Hint: to use -max_time you have to change the tye of max_time in src/config.h from int to double


20 Mar 2002 18:11 glenstewart

Pavuk is wonderful!
Many people don't know about Pavuk. I used to use wget and lynx to grab files from the command-line, but Pavuk has SO many more capabilities - it can do things wget, lynx, and other tools have never done well, or at all.

Great job, Ondrej!

24 Feb 2002 14:42 seeker

This is awesome program! Thank you!

04 Aug 2000 12:19 frolov

Really cool program, but lacks stability
I used wget for a long time and for me it was interesting to compare it to pavuk. The thing that surprised me most was the bunch of features. The program is great and really does its job. There are several minor complains, though. I found several bugs in first few hours of usage. Also, I think that user interface in DownloaderX is more convenient and intuitive. At this point I stopped and said to myself: "OK, u want it - u fix it!". That's why I love open source. Pavuk is now my must-have tool on all computers I work.

15 May 2000 22:17 intzero

Great product, no comments?!
I'm really surprised that this great product has
had no comments so far. It's very convenient
to use.


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