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Pavuk is a Web grabber with an optional GTK GUI, and optional support for downloading with multiple threads. It supports the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTP via SSL, and Gopher protocols, as well as HTTP GET, and POST requests. It is capable of filling HTML forms while downloading HTML trees, and lets you mirror Web documents for local browsing. You can even synchronize changes to these documents. Recent versions also support processing of Javascript patterns in HTML pages. Pavuk have JavaScript bindings that allow writing of own scripts to perform special tasks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Mar 2005 19:29

    Release Notes: Security fixes for potential buffer overflows, build cleanup, and const statements. This release compiles with GTK2. It has read support for KDE2 cookie files and various bugfixes.

    •  11 Nov 2004 16:32

      Release Notes: The C coding style was cleaned up. Buffer overflow fixes were made.

      •  14 Aug 2001 22:51

        Release Notes: This version contains an implementation of JavaScript bindings for performing customized checking of limiting options, support for SSL on machines without /dev/random, a new option for customizing login procedures for FTP servers, a new Japanese message catalog, numerous bugfixes, and many other improvements and new features.

        •  15 Dec 2000 00:07

          Release Notes: This release adds a completely rewritten HTML parser, support for processing Javascript patterns, support for NTLM authorization, support for FTP proxy authorization, support for reading files from an MSIE cache on win32, and support for HTTP proxy redirects. This version was ported to BeOS and QNX, and the win32 port now supports a GTK+ GUI. A huge number of bugs and misbehaviors have been fixed.

          •  01 Sep 2000 01:06

            Release Notes: This version provides much better support for multithreaded downloads and now provides this functionality on Solaris and FreeBSD. A new option, -singlepage, was added to overcome limits of -mode singlepage in synchronizing mode. Another new option, -dump_urlfd, allows you to dump all parsed URLs from an HTML document to a particular file descriptor. The new option, -del_after, allows you to delete files from an FTP server after successful download. The Win32 version now builds and works with Cygwin-1.1 and above. A new Italian message catalog was added, as well as several other minor features and many bug-fixes.

            Recent comments

            11 Feb 2004 11:11 maltepalte

            is pavuk dead?
            Pavuk is a friggin awesome program, outperforming wget, both in functionality and speed thanks to the multithreading. But.. its been quite a while since an update was last released (2001). Has pavuk development ceased? Tried to email Ondrej but no reply. Does anyone know anything about this?

            21 Jul 2003 17:58 gervin23

            i have to agree that this is a great tool. as a matter of fact, it saved my hide during a production run that wget couldn't quite handle. i had used wget on a quarterly basis to crawl a website (using --no-directories option) and noticed it was overwriting files because of case sensitivity (linux server downloading to windows machine). also, i had written a quick script to rename any files (and links within the files) which wget had renamed as a result of duplicates (default.png, default.png.1, etc..). pavuk resolves all these problems nicely.

            thank you very much!

            22 Jan 2003 05:37 parallelport

            Very nice tool
            pavuk has a lot of options and it seems it can do everything. I like the limiting by MIME type. wget cannot do this :-(

            Hint: to use -max_time you have to change the tye of max_time in src/config.h from int to double


            20 Mar 2002 18:11 glenstewart

            Pavuk is wonderful!
            Many people don't know about Pavuk. I used to use wget and lynx to grab files from the command-line, but Pavuk has SO many more capabilities - it can do things wget, lynx, and other tools have never done well, or at all.

            Great job, Ondrej!

            24 Feb 2002 14:42 seeker

            This is awesome program! Thank you!


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