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PathVisio is a bioinformatics tool that lets you do everything with biological pathway diagrams. PathVisio helps you organize biological information and lets you present or publish that information easily. You can create and draw pathways, export them to many image formats, annotate them with links to online biological databases such as Ensembl, Entrez or HMDB, and add comments and literature references from pubmed. PathVisio also lets you sort through high-throughput experimental data in pathway context. This is a much more pleasant way to present data than just a large table. You can import microarray, proteomics or metabolomics data. PathVisio has a plugin interface that lets users customize it to new analysis types, new visualization methods, and new pathway formats. PathVisio is compatible with WikiPathways.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2011 16:15

    Release Notes: This is a minor release with some nice usability improvements, including autosave and zoom using the scroll wheel. Selection of lines is easier: it is no longer necessary to click on the exact pixel. There are two methods for over-representation analysis; one pathway-oriented and one data-oriented.

    •  27 Jan 2011 08:09

      Release Notes: Various bugs were fixed. A change was made to the way rounded rectangles are drawn, to avoid a stretching effect.

      •  19 Nov 2010 13:43

        Release Notes: New drawing capabilities were added, and the handling of compartments was improved. There is a new connector type for connectors of arbitrary length and arbitrary angles. There is a new "cellular component" property for storing the biological meaning of a compartment. There is a new "double" line type (especially useful for double-membraned organelles). Clickable hyperlinks in pathways have been added.

        •  27 Aug 2010 18:39

          Release Notes: This release has improved shapes for cellular components (mitochondrion, nucleus, vesicle, etc.) and a few minor usability enhancements.

          •  30 Jul 2010 17:37

            Release Notes: This release has new toolbar icons and a side panel to make it easier to choose among the wide array of arrow types and shapes. Pathway databases are included as a data source, so you can add links from one pathway to another. The BioPAX converter has been improved and produces more valid BioPAX documents. A new connector type where individual points can be manipulated. The number of external data sources has been increased to over 180.


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