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Patchutils contains a collection of tools for manipulating patch files: interdiff, combinediff, flipdiff, filterdiff, fixcvsdiff, rediff, lsdiff, grepdiff, splitdiff, recountdiff, and unwrapdiff. You can use interdiff to create an incremental patch between two patches that are against a common source tree, combinediff for creating a cumulative diff from two incremental patches, and flipdiff to transpose two incremental patches. Filterdiff is for extracting or excluding patches from a patch set based on modified files matching shell wildcards. Lsdiff lists modified files in a patch. Rediff, recountdiff, and unwrapdiff correct hand-edited (or otherwise broken) patches.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2011 16:31

    Release Notes: Interdiff had previously been putting absolute filenames in the input to the patch program. It now avoids doing this. Editdiff no longer runs rediff when no changes were made in the editor. The correct exit status is now set when the decompress option fails. A temporary file leak has been fixed. The documentation has been updated.

    •  23 Jan 2009 19:30

      Release Notes: The TMPDIR environment variable is now respected. A rediff assertion failure has been fixed. The editdiff program now retains marker comments. GNU-style long names are now available for most options.

      •  02 Jul 2008 13:05

        Release Notes: The lsdiff -H option is now the default, and new options have been added to filterdiff for reading inclusion/exclusion patterns from files, and for removing non-diff lines.

        •  13 Jun 2005 18:36

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  22 Jul 2004 16:04

            Release Notes: Some minor parsing bugs were fixed. The documentation was clarified. A new option was added to lsdiff/filterdiff for selecting patches based on the order in which they appear.


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