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parapin makes it easy to write C code under Linux that controls individual pins on a PC parallel port. This kind of control is very useful for electronics projects that use the PC's parallel port as a generic digital I/O interface. Parapin goes to great lengths to insulate the programmer from the somewhat complex parallel port programming interface provided by the PC hardware, and comes as a user-space C library, or linked as part of a Linux kernel module.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Apr 2008 17:29

    Release Notes: This is a beta release of updated build procedures to deal with the absence/presence of linux/config.h.

    •  31 Jul 2007 21:43

      Release Notes: Fixes for bugs 1632001 and 1234134. Initial release of the new language-binding infrastructure. First formal release of Pedro's Python language binding and Neil's Java language binding. Small documentation corrections and updates. Handles deprecation of MODULE_PARM with conditional use of module_param(). Support for 2.4 kernels has been deprecated, and deprecation warnings at build time have been added. The documentation has been updated.

      •  08 Jul 2007 18:43

        Release Notes: An update to the beta1 release, including a new Java language binding, a rearchitected language bindings build/install make approach, a few bugfixes, and updated documentation. This is intended to be the final beta release prior to a final 1.5.0 production release.

        •  14 Jan 2007 23:17

          Release Notes: Fixes for two important bugs. A build infrastructure has been added for building/maintaining multiple language bindings on top of parapin. This is the first formal release of Pedro Werneck's Python language binding.

          •  20 Dec 2004 16:51

            Release Notes: This is the first production/stable release for parapin. Changes since the previous beta2 release include fixing a small Makefile problem (one header file required for building kernel modules was not installed correctly) and reordering some conditional #include directives in parapin-linux.h to enable parapin to cleanly build on a wider variety of distributions.


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