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The Paranoid modules provide a number of routines that are intended for use in strict and taint-safe scripts. The modules cover a variety of tasks from command-line argument parsing to process and network management. All of the modules use a debug trace framework for diagnostic output that is easily used and extended for application code as well.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

New web site 11 Aug 2011 08:27

There was previously no web site for these modules. Now there is.

Recent releases

  •  24 Sep 2012 23:52

    Release Notes: This release adds IPv4/IPv6 address sorting functions to be used with Perl's sort, supporting string, packed, and integer formats. Documentation updates are included, as well.

    •  08 Jun 2012 18:43

      Release Notes: This release refactors the Paranoid::Network code into Paranoid::Network::IPv4 and Paranoid::Network::IPv6. Paranoid::Network's functions will be IPv4/IPv6-agnostic wrappers for the correct functions in the new modules. This release also adds new network address conversion/intersection test functions for both protocol stacks, along with an agnostic wrapper in Paranoid::Network.

      •  29 Dec 2011 20:56

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in Paranoid::Network::Socket because of which detection of imported symbols in the local namespace wasn't working correctly. This primarily impacted Perl 5.14 installations.

        •  21 Dec 2011 02:17

          Release Notes: Paranoid::Network::Socket is the major addition for this release. It is designed to simplify supporting IPv6 in Perl applications, automatically bringing in related functions if available, whether provided by Perl's Socket or CPAN Socket6 modules. This release also provides a simple boolean function which denotes whether full IPv6 support is available on the system. This allows you to code IPv4/IPv6 code branches without having to do all the Socket version tests yourself. Improvements were also made to Paranoid::Network and Paranoid::Module.

          •  09 Dec 2011 01:57

            Release Notes: Improved IPv6 support for Perl version 5.14 and newer (Socket6 is no longer need for them). Parts of Paranoid::BerkeleyDB and Paranoid::Lockfile have been reworked to be fork-safe. Processes can be safely forked and cached file handles will be automatically reopened to avoid collisions with the parent process.


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