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Pantheios is a C/C++ logging API library. It offers an optimal combination of complete type-safety, very high efficiency, genericity, and extensibility. It is simple to use and extend, highly portable (platform and compiler independent), and it upholds the C tradition of only paying for what you use. Pantheios supports logging of message statements of arbitrary complexity, consisting of heterogenous types. Pantheios supports filtering of log messages based on severity level.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2012 09:48

    Release Notes: This release added a variant_bool inserter for COM Automation type VARIANT_BOOL, a new pantheios_getProcessIdentity() core API function which reflects new dynamic process identity semantics for front-ends, and a new C++ alias pantheios::getProcessIdentity(). Core initialization was adjusted to support new dynamic process identity semantics for front-ends. Several new test projects were added. Several back-end implementations were rationalized and simplified. A defect was fixed in bec.WindowsSyslog. Many changes were made for compatibility with STLSoft 1.9.115+'s integer_to_string. STLSoft 1.9.115 is required.

    •  05 Dec 2011 15:29

      Release Notes: This release adds makefiles and compatibility enhancements for GCC 4.6. It deprecates pantheios/util/com/exception_helpers.hpp, for which users instead obtain the Pantheios::Extras::xHelpers project. This release requires version 1.9.111 of STLSoft.

      •  13 Aug 2011 02:21

        Release Notes: Various minor fixes and documentation improvements.

        •  31 Jan 2011 23:28

          Release Notes: An erroneous implementation of pantheios_be_file_flush() in be.file was fixed. be.file now hides false positives given by MSVCRT memory leak reporting. A widestring trailing nul character in bec.WindowsSyslog was fixed. pantheios::init() and pantheios::uninit() are now exposed in the documentation. Non-functional improvements were made to the implementation of pantheios_getPad(), including the ability to adjust buffer size at compile time. STLSoft 1.9.108 is now required.

          •  09 Jan 2011 21:27

            Release Notes: This release adds important compile-time validation to prevent fundamental types being passed to log statements, which can be made to compile in the presence of third-party libraries that define classes with (accidental) conversion constructors taking numeric fundamental types. It also adds GCC 4.5 support. Note that STLSoft 1.9.106 is required.


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