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Panoptis is a tool to detect and stop DoS/DDoS attacks. It relies on data provided by NetFlow-enabled routers, and includes functionality to cooperate with other "Panoptis" detectors in order to trace the attack back to its source.


Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2003 15:49

    Release Notes: The autoconf scripts were fixed to work better in a wider range of architectures.

    •  23 Jul 2002 23:14

      Release Notes: A small but effective change in the algorithm, bugfixes in the mesh creation code, and new code to allow more than one detector to run on the same box. Note: If you want this to run of FreeBSD, you must compile both CommonC++ and Panoptis with g++ 3.0.x; compiling with g++ 2.x is a guarantee for problems.

      •  08 Apr 2002 10:08

        Release Notes: This release finally fixes the bug that beta-5 was supposed to have fixed, and is the first stable release.

        •  01 Apr 2002 09:19

          Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug that made the number of packets and octets go crazy, and fixes a few compile time warnings.

          •  26 Feb 2002 20:50

            Release Notes: Major bugfixes, rewrites to big parts of the code, a new Web interface to be able to see what's going on at any time, and mail functionality so that whenever a DoS attack takes place you are informed by email.


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