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Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for health care and medical research.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2014 13:48

    Release Notes: This release features the decompression of DICOM files containing JPEG and JPEG-LS images. Furthermore, to support algorithmic research for medical imaging, Orthanc now allows the download of images as matrices through its REST API, in a format that is directly compatible with Matlab and Octave, without using any DICOM library.

    •  08 May 2014 15:47

      Release Notes: This release introduces the possibility of creating DICOM images through the REST API of Orthanc. It is also possible to dynamically add/update/remove DICOM modalities and peers. Routing speed is greatly improved by keeping SCU connections alive for 5 seconds, hence avoiding unnecessary handshakes. Many portions of the code have been refactored, and some bugfixes for anonymization/modification are included.

      •  16 Apr 2014 10:32

        Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes the Heartbleed vulnerability in static builds of Orthanc. Dcm4Chee is now supported. Minor features are also included, such as a better logging about missing DICOM tags, the automatic discovering of the path to the DCMTK dictionaries, and more flexibility in the setting of the port number of the remote modalities (that can be given as a string).

        •  14 Feb 2014 12:12

          Release Notes: This release features a new, more robust implementation of the Query/Retrieve server. It is possible to attach custom files to patients, studies, series, or instances. The raw content of the pixel data fields can also be downloaded for more transfer syntaxes (notably JPEG). Many bugfixes are included.

          •  08 Nov 2013 15:54

            Release Notes: This release features for support the JPEG/JPEG2k transfer syntaxes. It is also possible for the medInria viewer to get its images from Orthanc directly through DICOM Query/Retrieve.


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