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Palace is an XMMS plugin originally based on the XPLSISNJASP 0.8.0 plugin, but recently rewritten. Its current function is to use a device attached to the computer's 25-pin parallel port to control some type of electronic device in synchronization with music, typically a light show.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 May 2003 04:08

    Release Notes: This release fixes the reverse channel order configuration option, the stepper motor speed configuration option (previously, it would be set incorrectly when opening the configuration dialog), the RPM .spec file, a crash which occurred when the port address was changed with output enabled, and a crash which occurred when entering a port greater than 0x3ff. Colors are now reversed when Reverse Channel Order is selected. Port output now works when the Draw Graphics option is disabled. A new interface is available for palace-control.c (with no user-visible change).

    •  20 Mar 2003 23:17

      Release Notes: This release fixes anything that was reported wrong with 0.1.9, and implements/finishes a few new features in beat detection and configuration.

      •  21 Nov 2002 05:52

        Release Notes: A complete restructure and rewrite of most source code, new rudimentary beat tracking, spiffier graphics, generation of GTK+ code by Glade, and a new configuration dialog.

        •  18 Nov 2001 05:47

          Release Notes: Smaller graphics, cleaner source code, corrected spelling, minor UI tweaks, and variable-size frequency bars (like a normal frequency graph would have) were added.


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