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PAiN Linux Loader

PAiN is a diskmag related to the Swiss Demoscene. A diskmag is a publication like a magazine or a newspaper, but it's being destributed as a program with layout, sound and text. An electronic magazine. The diskmag PAiN appears (almost) monthly and features articles from all over the world. Loaders to display the issues under Linux X11 and GGI as well as under Windows are currently under development.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 1999 16:02

    Release Notes: This is a mainly a bugfix release: One segfault and the "music.raw" bug got fixed. Since these bug occured mainly on SuSE systems and the fix will probably impact people using the ALSA system, we'd love to get some decent bugreports or delighted messages of joy, now.

    •  09 Feb 1999 13:34

      Release Notes: This releases fixes a colour bug in the blitter that showed up on some 24/32bit X-Servers, two bugs causing a fine segfault in the end of the program and last but not least adds sound support. Please notice that MikMod (v3.1) is required to get sound support.

      •  03 Jan 1999 17:05

        Release Notes: This is the first release after all. It lacks sound support and features slow graphics. However, it's possible to read PAiN issues dating from 12/98 or newer.


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