Comments for pacKAGE oRGANIZER

02 Oct 2005 08:29 llmmix

I am a debian user, but i like it.
Been using garnome with debian, and lfs-style debian ;)

09 Apr 2005 13:34 h3knix

I just wanted to say, I like this program; I think it is great and use it on a daily basis. It is a main component in the distribution that I maintain.

04 Feb 2005 07:21 davidrr

The following patch fixes a little but annoying bug in paco-1.8.0:

Some rubbish appear when listing the missing files:

To apply it you should do the following after unpacking the tarball:

cd paco-1.8.0/paco

patch -Np0 -i <path/to/the/patch>

Then 'cd .. && ./configure && make && make install'.

This patch won't solve the problem for the packages that are

already logged, unless you manually edit the logs. Newly installed

packages should be logged properly.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


22 Oct 2004 07:44 davidrr

Bug in paco-1.5
Paco <= 1.5 crashes when logging packages if the TMPDIR variable is set. The following patch:


fixes the bug. Just apply it before running 'make', with the following command from the main paco source directory:

# patch -p0 -i <path/to>paco-1.5-xopentmp.patch

09 Sep 2004 17:28 davidrr

Paco-1.3 bugs
The first bug: Paco segfaults when dealing with empty log directories.

The second bug: An adress is free'd two times. Paco may segfault when logging a package installation.

The patch:

The command: $ patch -p0 -i </path/to/>paco-1.3-bug_2.patch (from the main paco source directory).

Paco-1.3.1 will come up soon.

05 Sep 2004 15:47 davidrr

Important bug in paco-1.2
Don't click on the "Close" button at the bottom of the package windows. It removes the log of the package!

Don't kill me please. Just download the following patch:

and run this from the main paco surce directory:

# patch -p1 -i </path/to/>paco-1.2-bug_0.patch

I'm working hard so new releases will come soon.


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