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Paco (pacKAGE oRGANIZER) is a simple, yet powerful tool to aid package management when installing programs from source code. It uses the LD_PRELOAD method to track package installations, and provides various options to keep the installed software organized. It's mainly a command line application but it has also an optional GTKMM interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2010 21:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in GPaco.

    •  26 Jun 2010 18:51

      Release Notes: In GPaco, column visibility is changed when clicking on Preferences buttons. Some icons have been replaced by more intuitive ones. The --fakeroot option of pacoball has been removed (since it was too cryptic). The --ignore-shared option of paco has been removed. The auxiliary scripts are now installed by default, and may be disabled at configure time with --disable-scripts. Minor bugs have been fixed.

      •  30 Aug 2009 13:56

        Release Notes: A compilation error in Ubuntu was fixed. The interface of gpaco was simplified, minor errors were fixed, and the performance was enhanced.

        •  09 Oct 2008 22:35

          Release Notes: The performance of gpaco has been enhanced significantly. The configuration file for gpaco has been moved from ~/.gpacorc to ~/.config/gpaco/gpacorc.

          •  27 Aug 2008 20:36

            Release Notes: Some changes in the user interface of gpaco have been made. Gpaco requires gtkmm 2.12 or higher now. There are no changes in the command line interface.

            Recent comments

            02 Oct 2005 08:29 llmmix

            I am a debian user, but i like it.
            Been using garnome with debian, and lfs-style debian ;)

            09 Apr 2005 13:34 h3knix

            I just wanted to say, I like this program; I think it is great and use it on a daily basis. It is a main component in the distribution that I maintain.

            04 Feb 2005 07:21 davidrr

            The following patch fixes a little but annoying bug in paco-1.8.0:

            Some rubbish appear when listing the missing files:


            To apply it you should do the following after unpacking the tarball:

            cd paco-1.8.0/paco

            patch -Np0 -i <path/to/the/patch>

            Then 'cd .. && ./configure && make && make install'.

            This patch won't solve the problem for the packages that are

            already logged, unless you manually edit the logs. Newly installed

            packages should be logged properly.

            I apologize for any inconvenience.


            22 Oct 2004 07:44 davidrr

            Bug in paco-1.5
            Paco <= 1.5 crashes when logging packages if the TMPDIR variable is set. The following patch:


            fixes the bug. Just apply it before running 'make', with the following command from the main paco source directory:

            # patch -p0 -i <path/to>paco-1.5-xopentmp.patch

            09 Sep 2004 17:28 davidrr

            Paco-1.3 bugs
            The first bug: Paco segfaults when dealing with empty log directories.

            The second bug: An adress is free'd two times. Paco may segfault when logging a package installation.

            The patch:

            The command: $ patch -p0 -i </path/to/>paco-1.3-bug_2.patch (from the main paco source directory).

            Paco-1.3.1 will come up soon.


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