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Packrat is a media collection manager application for Android. You can use it to add books, CDs, games, movies, etc. to your collection by scanning their barcodes and organizing them onto shelves. You can let Packrat organize your items into smart shelves, or manually stack items onto shelves of your own creation. You can also track items you don't have yet on a "wishlist" shelf.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jul 2010 12:20

    Release Notes: The previous versions triggered a bug on HTC’s 2.1-update1 for Hero phones: when selecting a contact for lending, you would only see weird numbers and no contact names. A bug was fixed where items you scanned or searched for might rarely be added to your database whether you wanted to or not. A crash was fixed on Android versions 2.1 and 2.2 when attempting to search within PackRat via the hardware search button. Minor compatibility fixes for Android 2.2 were made. Rare crashes were fixed.

    •  19 Jun 2010 19:07

      Release Notes: Moving items wishlist now clears the loanee and due date. Rare crashes were fixed.

      •  29 May 2010 13:38

        Release Notes: Result parsing was improved, which should result in the application finding more results for scans. Item type recognition was improved. A number of crashers and force closes were fixed.

        •  20 May 2010 20:37

          Release Notes: The Chinese localization has been removed. A critical bug has been fixed: “locked” shelves, including smart shelves, were editable (and shouldn’t have been). Once changed, the shelves were converted to regular shelves. This update restores the smart shelves. It also fixes a number of rarer force close/crash bugs.

          •  12 May 2010 16:08

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where you could not add items from a shelf view.


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