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pabber lets you access the Global Address List on a Microsoft Exchange server. It can add entries to Pine's .addressbook. (and probably other mail clients with minimal mods).


Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2000 19:56

    Release Notes: A fix for a serious error in the default base. Users of 1.1 will still need to change their base; if 1.1 didn't work at all for you, try this version.

    •  18 Nov 2000 18:01

      Release Notes: Use of a preference file to save server, easy to change via the menu.

      •  17 Nov 2000 22:49

        Release Notes: A fix for a bug where pabber would crash after idling for too long and a new search was requested. Also, you can launch pabber without a connection and it will inform you gracefully of problems rather than crashing out.

        •  16 Nov 2000 23:29

          Release Notes: Searches and adding, and functionality with Pine's .addressbook (should work for other clients with minor modification).

          •  15 Nov 2000 05:02

            Release Notes: A switch to a menu bar system, "Prefs" option displays current server and base, and a general code clean-up.

            Recent comments

            20 Nov 2000 08:05 richterm

            Serious Error in 1.1
            Notes in the Prefs dialog about the proper setting of "base" are incorrect. The default for people in the USA should be "c=us", not "cn=us". The code, unfortunately, creates a $HOME/.pabrc with the bad value on first launch. Fix it by using the Set Preferences on the File menu. Version 1.11 will fix this once I can get it posted.


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