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P6Spy is an open source framework for applications to intercept and log database statements. The P6Spy distribution includes P6Log, which intercepts and logs the database statements of any application that uses JDBC. This application is particularly useful for developers to monitor the SQL statements produced by EJB servers, enabling the developer to write code that achieves maximum efficiency on the server. P6Spy is designed to be installed in minutes and requires no code changes.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2014 18:28

    Release Notes: P6ConnectionPoolDataSource was merged into P6DataSource. Bind variables set by name on a CallableStatement are now logged. setAppender() is now properly considered in logging. Glassfish XADataSources are now supported. Disabling of modules on reload was fixed. excludecategories now uses class Category rather than plain strings. Various other changes were made.

    •  04 Apr 2014 16:16

      Release Notes: This release adds significant performance improvements for huge data selects. It fixes a PostgreSQL issue (operator is not unique: date + unknown), a defect causing a ClassCastException when setting bind variables by name on CallableStatement, and a defect in the P6Leak module causing closed connections not to be recorded properly.

      •  23 Mar 2014 19:21

        Release Notes: A problem when using signed jars was fixed.

        •  23 Mar 2014 19:19

          Release Notes: Project hosting was moved from SourceForge to Github. Major parts of the legacy code were refactored. Java 6/7 JDBC API support was introduced. XA Datasource support has been introduced. Configuration via system/environment properties and JMX properties is now supported as an alternative to file configuration. slf4j is now supported, providing more flexibility than the previously used log4j. JUnit tests were migrated to JUnit 4, fixing some of the old failing tests.

          •  12 Apr 2003 22:50

            Release Notes: A highly-requested feature was added that only logs queries taking longer than a specified threshold. A bug was fixed that prevented modified property files from being persisted in Java environments prior to 1.4. JBoss 2.x JMX support was added. A driver patch was also added that deregisters wrapped realdrivers to avoid driver order registration problems.


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