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P4A (PHP For Applications) a PHP5 RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven, stateful Web applications. It is based on Zend Framework and features tableless HTML, multiple databases, access key support, auto data type recognition, transparent AJAX, UTF-8, internationalization, and localization.

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Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2011 19:38

    Release Notes: A bug with multiple p4a_load_js calls (with the same URL and within the same loading cycle) was solved. A bug with MSSQL and query limits was fixed. CKEditor was updated to 3.5. P4A_DB_Source::getRowPosition() now returns 1 if the query throws an error. P4A_DB_Source::addHaving(), setHaving(), and getHaving() methods were added. jQuery was updated to 1.4.4. Zend Framework was updated to 1.11.2. A bug with P4A::restart() method was fixed. A bug with P4A_Data_Source::saveUploads() and custom file paths was solved. A new technique to unload CKEditor was implemented.

    •  09 Sep 2010 10:57

      Release Notes: P4A_Field::setSource() now correctly handles null parameters. CKEditor was updated to 3.4. P4A_DB_Source::getRowPosition() now correctly handles multivalue fields. IE is forced to use its latest rendering engine. Some JavaScript fixes were applied to make the IE AJAX system work. Zend Framework was updated to 1.10.8. P4A_I18N now correctly handles 3 character languages (like "fil"). Translations were updated. A Filipino translation was added.

      •  31 Aug 2010 08:52

        Release Notes: P4A_DB_Source::load() now also returns an object when setQuery() is used. P4A_DB_Source::load()'s autosequence creation now checks that the field exists before calling the setSequence(). A bug with P4A_Redirect_To_Url and P4A_Redirect_To_File was solved. Better focus management was provided for P4A_Grid. A bug with AJAX JavaScript returning and HTML entities was solved.

        •  24 Feb 2010 17:14

          Release Notes: The Zend Framework was updated to 1.10.1. The P4A_Data_Source::exportToCSV() method was marked as deprecated. P4A_Data_Source::exportAsCSV() now can be called directly from an event handler. Translations were updated.

          •  08 Sep 2009 11:10

            Release Notes: strong/em are now supported by P4A tooltips. DSN charset support was added to set DB connection charset. Zend Framework was updated to 1.9.2. jquery::maskedInput plugin was updated to 1.2.2. P4A_Object::__call() method was changed from private to public for PHP 5.3 compliance. P4A_Tab_Pane’s CSS padding was changed a bit to fix a rendering bug on Firefox and Chrome. The P4A_DB_PROFILE constant was added, which will output every query executed on every DB.

            Recent comments

            19 May 2006 16:24 mepk

            php framework
            I'm using P4A framework and it's excelent. It's a very good development tool. See it!


            18 May 2006 11:43 ribafs

            Best Framework in PHP
            This framework is very good and congratulator for your author (Fabrizio Balliano).

            10! :)


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