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PS3 Theme Extractor

PS3 Theme Extractor unpacks Playstation 3 Theme files (.p3t). It can be used to edit existing themes when the original graphics are unavailable. It also outputs an XML file that can be fed to the theme compiler to recreate the theme from the extracted graphics.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Dec 2007 18:30

    Release Notes: This release adds support to save GIM files as PPM if Python Imaging Library support is not detected. This can be useful for Mac users that are having trouble installing the library. It also adds support to extract sound files from themes in version 0.11.

    •  08 Dec 2007 00:54

      Release Notes: Due to the fact that the stride of GIM images in the theme files are padded to be a multiple of 4, some icons were being extracted incorrectly and ended up looking skewed. This has been rectified.

      •  06 Dec 2007 19:02

        Release Notes: Under Windows, dragging and dropping theme files on the executable now extracts them correctly. In addition, the default extraction path has been updated to include the theme filename, so multiple theme files can be dragged and dropped from the same directory and each one will be extracted into its own directory.

        •  03 Dec 2007 19:16

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the output XML filename that caused the file to end up in the wrong directory.

          •  24 Nov 2007 10:59

            Release Notes: A bug in the path separator was fixed. Support for recreating an XML file that can be fed to the theme compiler to recreate the original p3t file was added.


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