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P* Web Programming Language

P* (P-star) is a Web programming language that incorporates common tasks like template handling and database queries into the language. It features MySQL database access with prepared statements, HTML templates, standard arithmetic and variables, functions, structs, (to-be-classes), JSON output, and GET and POST. Programs can be run on the command line, in a CGI environment, or by the P* Apache Module.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2014 10:53

    Release Notes: This release adds new file I/O functionality. P* can read a file line by line, and you can edit lines as you traverse the file. P* will cache your changes and modify the file before you close it.

    •  06 Jan 2014 12:11

      Release Notes: This release adds support for the Perl regular expression replacement syntax using s/EXP/REPLACEMENT/. Also, you can inline variables by prefixing them with $.

      •  23 Dec 2013 23:36

        Release Notes: This release adds support for the C-style for-loop. P* now also supports multidimensional arrays.

        •  18 Dec 2013 11:58

          Release Notes: Performance improvements in the Apache module. P* now matches PHP in speed, and is 2-3 times faster than JSP. The module now works with both mpm-prefork and mpm-worker. Some bugs regarding thread-safety and MySQL are fixed. Error messages are improved, with file position information now also in run-time errors.

          •  09 Dec 2013 23:40

            Release Notes: This release adds a new Apache module for improved performance, and CGI is no longer needed (but still supported). The module takes advantage of Apache's internal memory structures for fast output. Parsed programs are cached in memory and re-used in concurrent accesses.


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