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23 Feb 2007 15:53 djbclark

64-bit winreg.exe?
Does anyone by any chance have a winreg.exe compiled as a 64-bit executable?

As you may know in Windows 64-bit there are separate 32-bit and 64-bit registries, and pre-Windows 2003 SP1, there is no way for 32-bit applications to access 64-bit registry values (or vice versa I think) via the API, so I think parsing the output of an application like winreg.exe would be the only way to do it.

13 Jan 2007 02:27 alexis_wilke

Bug in readlink()
Hi there,

The following is bogus since strlen() may return a size less than 4. Ooops!

Alexis Wilke

if (strcmp(lpszLinkFile + strlen(lpszLinkFile) - 4, ".lnk") != 0)

return (-1);

17 Aug 2006 20:33 stevejorgensen

Great, but not quite what I was hoping
I think I'm going to love these tools and get a lot out of them, but the first thing I tried to do does not work.

I was hoping to be able to use docprop to filter files based on the content of file summary properties set through the file properties dialog in Windows Explorer, and that doesn't seem to work (at least not in all cases). I added a keywords property to a text file in Windows explorer, but when I try to use docprop on it, it says "Unable to get properties for ...". Apparently, Windows Explorer is able to write the properties in a way other than how docprop can read them?

10 Feb 2005 19:09 akhasha

readlog feature request
Nice set of tools, these will come in handy!

One wish for readlog: it would be great to have a mode whereby readlog continues to run indefinately, effectively 'tailing' the eventlog.

Oh, and to select every eventlog (app,sys and sec) and to qualify each message with the log it came from.

Thanks for your efforts.


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