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Off-the-Record Messaging

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging is a gaim plugin which allows you to have private conversations over the instant messaging system of your choice. It provides encryption, which prevents someone who intercepts your instant messages from reading them; authentication, which ensures that the correspondent is who you think it is; and perfect forward secrecy, which ensures that no previous conversation is compromised if you lose control of your private keys.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jun 2008 12:26

    Release Notes: The functionality of the OTR button has now moved to a menu. The button can optionally be shown in addition, but now in the conversation toolbar. New icons were added. Buddy authentication has been revamped, based on the user study published in SOUPS 2008. The default is now to choose a question and an answer only you and the buddy should know. The question is displayed to the buddy, who is prompted for the answer. The "shared secret" and "fingerprint" authentication methods are still available. Translations were made for Arabic, German, Russian, and Hungarian.

    •  05 Aug 2007 20:20

      Release Notes: Support for pidgin 2.x, new translations for English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Slovak, a new option to not log OTR conversations, transparent fragmentation of large messages, and replacement of the "view secure session id" and "verify fingerprint" options from the OTR button menu with an "authenticate buddy" option. This new option allows you to authenticate your buddies by entering some secret that only the two of you know rather than by using a long, user-unfriendly sequence of hex characters.

      •  06 Nov 2005 05:32

        Release Notes: Support for OTR protocol version 2 was added. It will still interoperate with version 1 clients, though with a warning to the user. The OTR button now has a right-click context menu with some useful options. The OTR button now has icons in addition to text to indicate the state of a conversation. Most popups have been changed to inline messages in the conversation window.

        •  09 May 2005 21:13

          Release Notes: A fix to co-exist more nicely with other encrypting Gaim plugins. gaim-otr is now autoconfiscated.

          •  25 Feb 2005 02:37

            Release Notes: This release adds default and per-buddy policy selection: never use OTR, OTR only if manually requested, automatically start OTR if possible, or refuse to not use OTR. It now resends the last message if it caused a re-keying. OTR control messages are no longer displayed as if they were received as IM messages. There is a new multi-page UI. Users can send a control message to a buddy if a private conversation is terminated. It now removes people without fingerprints from the Known Fingerprints list. The column heads in the Known Fingerprints list now sort properly.

            Recent comments

            19 Dec 2011 10:28 highlandsun

            For folks who have been searching for an OTR plugin that's compatible with Finch, you can now find one on gitorious:


            Read about it here:

            22 Jun 2006 09:58 Sjobeck

            Re: best Gaim plugin

            > This is the best plug-in for GAIM there

            > is.

            I need to reply to my own post here now that "twanfox" has released his OTR plug-in for Trillian, which now makes OTR the best plug-in for Trillian, and so incredibly important. Not having this in Trillian was a horrible problem for us, we couldnt chat with Adium on OSX or GAIM on Linux securely or other Windohs users via Trillina, but now we are delighted.






            16 Feb 2006 00:30 Sjobeck

            best Gaim plugin
            This is the best plug-in for GAIM there is. Use it everyday on all machines: Windohs, Apple, Linux, maybe someday my Palm jabber client. I wish it was inside Trillian (Windows) but no one over there has finished that yet.

            My only complaint is that there is nothing to download for Gaim2beta2.


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