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Open Sound World (OSW) is a scalable, extensible programming environment that allows musicians, sound designers, and researchers to process sound in response to expressive real-time control. It combines a familiar visual patching paradigm with solid programming language features such as a strong type system and hierarchical name spaces. OSW also includes an intuitive model for specifying new components using a graphical interface and high-level C++ expressions, making it easy to develop and share new music and signal processing algorithms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2005 06:35

    Release Notes: A problem on Linux where some patches would not load or could not be loaded a second time was fixed. SamplePlayer now works properly with Table as well as SampleBuffer. Fixes were made to installation for Linux and Mac OS X.

    •  02 May 2005 20:23

      Release Notes: Major fixes on OS X: the ".app" has been completely redone to install and run more efficiently and reliably. The "click-twice-on-a-window" problem has been fixed. A new transform, SysexInput (for MIDI sysex input), has been added.

      •  10 Apr 2005 21:20

        Release Notes: Red Hat and SuSE Linux support has been fixed. There was a problem for some people in previous releases loading external transforms, leading to the infamous "Can't fund Button" message. Two new transforms have been added: TypeRoute and TCPSend. Bugs in the Granulator synthesizer have been fixed.

        •  18 Nov 2004 21:51

          Release Notes: This release fixes problems in the Mac OS X installer for release 1.2.3. It also includes improved audio performance, and the version number is now reported accurately in the about box under OS X. All of these changes are specific to Mac OS X. Those who use OSW on other platforms should continue to use version 1.2.3.

          •  30 Oct 2004 09:49

            Release Notes: The program now runs as a standard Mac application that resides in the Applications folder, and can also be launched from a patch file in the Finder. New list::Sort, list::Reverse, list::Take, SDelay, fx::HighShelf, fx::LowSelf, and fx::PeakEq transforms were added. Support for complex signals, such as signals with complex-valued samples was added. The annoying "blinky dock" on startup was fixed. The User Guide was updated to include documentation on server mode, command-line options, and descriptions of the tutorial patches.


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