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OSSEC For PfSense

OSSEC For PfSense is a module that allows the execution of OSSEC HIDS on the PfSense platform, in order to improve the security of your network. It enables better diagnosis and anticipation of possible attacks on servers. As the OSSEC is based on analysis of logs, its accuracy in detecting potential attackers makes it one of the best tools for intrusion detection. It can also read the logs generated by the Snort package, which can easily be added to PfSense.

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Recent releases

  •  04 May 2010 23:50

    Release Notes: OSSEC users and group were added. A startup script was created. The table was created in the PfSense firewall script.

    Recent comments

    29 Jan 2012 14:47 satya11

    Hi I am new to ossec as well as pfsense .please guide me step bu step how to monitor pfsense through osses,ossec sever already install one of ubunt machine and monitoring client .now want to monitor pfsense .



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