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oSpam is an anti-spam system based on Perl, qmail, and, optionally, vmailmgr. It features "one-day" email addresses for usenet postings: after a delay, the mails sent to your address will be put in quarantine waiting for a confirmation, or/and can be used as your main email address: all your contacts are listed in a file. If somebody which isn't in the list sends you an email, he will get a small and unique confirmation request, and then the email(s) will be delivered transparently.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2001 18:44

    Release Notes: The ability to work for a whole server (multiple domains & multiple users) has been added. The blacklist and whitelist are stored in sql tables. There is a webinterface to administrate the lists and see the mail actually in "quarantaine". There is a translation to French, and the possibility to confirm an address via http instead of smtp has been added.

    •  07 Jul 2001 05:51

      Release Notes: Now features automatic creation of oSpam system directories and files on first call, and confirmation mail to sender on success. The script is fully working, but it is still alpha-grade software. Also made some minor bug fixes

      •  25 Mar 2001 11:39

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        25 Mar 2001 09:35 swix

        Re: Not mention about QMail

        > Please, specify that on requirements.

        Mmm, it's the case, but only in the "one-line" description, and this one is not shown on the main page. Ok, renamed it to "oSpam for qmail". Thanks for the notice.

        25 Mar 2001 09:16 unixman

        Not mention about QMail
        This project does not mention that is requires QMail. I read the description and got excited thinking I could use it with my sendmail server. No such think. QMail is needed.

        Please, specify that on requirements.


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