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Open Source Database Benchmark

OSDB, the open source database benchmark, is intended for the use of system and database developers, providing a significant chunk of benchmark code that can be used, tailored, and tweaked according to local needs. It is derived from AS3AP (ANSI SQL Standard and Portable Benchmark); its most important change is the segmentation of the benchmark, allowing developers to concentrate on the results that are most relevant to their work.


Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2001 14:24

    Release Notes: This release introduces robust support for Informix via embedded SQL that is comparable to the support for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    •  30 Mar 2001 06:13

      Release Notes: Support for Informix via the dbaccess user interface program, which means that it is theoretically possible to compare the performance of Informix, MySQL, and PostgreSQL on the same system under the same conditions.

      •  24 Feb 2001 06:58

        Release Notes: This release cleans up support for the MySQL user program.

        •  11 Jan 2001 21:24

          Release Notes: Version 0.4 of OSDB includes support for MySQL 3.23.30.gamma (callable interface, mysql client program), PostgreSQL 7.0.3 (callable interface, psql client program, and Embedded SQL. The mysql client program support is definitely broken, and there may be a bug or two remaining in the rest of the code, too.

          •  24 Dec 2000 18:06

            Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; support for the callable versions of PostgreSQL and MySQL.


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