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OSCAR Cluster

OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resources) is a snapshot of the best known methods for building, programming, and using clusters. It consists of a fully integrated and easy-to-install software bundle designed for high performance cluster computing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Dec 2006 21:07

    Release Notes: This release has a completely reworked infrastructure. It allows for multiple distributions on the same cluster. It has yum based image build and package install, a smart package manager, a simple update path for master, clients, and images, a new package and database structure, new prerequisites handling, better pre-installation system configuration checking, a more flexible OS detection framework, modular distribution tarballs (smaller downloads), a newer systemimager with many new features, scalable Bittorrent deployment, a deployment kernel, and UYOK (use your own kernel).

    •  08 Nov 2005 07:50

      Release Notes: This release added support for x86_64 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4, x86 support for Fedora Core 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, and Mandriva Linux 10.1. A "Monitor Cluster Deployment” widget was added for real-time monitoring of cluster deployment. "Build AutoInstall Floppy" was replaced by "Build AutoInstall CD". tftp-server was replaced by atftp-server for better scalability. Support for software RAIDs on cluster nodes was added along with better support and detection of SATA hardware. Various software packages such as Ganglia, MPICH, and TORQUE were updated.

      •  25 May 2005 07:26

        Release Notes: New to this version is support for Mandriva Linux (Mandrake Linux) 10.0 on ia32. There are also numerous bugfixes which improve the installation experience for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 on both ia32 and ia64 systems. The testing framework has also been extended by incorporating APITest. DepMan and PackMan are now fully integrated into the OSCAR installation mechanism.

        •  28 Dec 2004 09:04

          Release Notes: Support for Red Hat Linux 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 3, and Fedora Core 2 was added. A new RPM dependency finder helps build the server (DepMan/PackMan). SIS 3.3.2 was added and Ganglia is now included in the distribution. Torque is now included as the default scheduler (OpenPBS can still be downloaded from OPD). Multiple bugfixes and Wizard improvements were made.

          •  18 Sep 2003 15:57

            Release Notes: This release is primarily the same as 2.3 with a minor documentation update and a few extraneous files removed from the release tarball.


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            Project Spotlight

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