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OrganDesigner is a graphical tool for editing and configuring virtual pipe organs. OrganDesigner can read SoundFont files and can both read and write organ description files for use by the virtual organ MIDI player GENPO. OrganDesigner users can copy, move, and delete stops, both within and between divisions; use the Stops Editor to change a stop's name, MIDI bank, program, and velocity; use the Divisions Editor to make new divisions, change a division's name and MIDI channel, change the order of divisions, and delete divisions; use the Couplers Editor to add, modify, and delete couplers; use the Pistons Editor to add, modify, and delete combinations, and to store and recall the stops set for each piston.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2007 23:25

    Release Notes: This release provides "Toe Pistons" compatible with GENPO release 0.9.5. These are buttons that can set the stops on all divisions of an organ, instead of only a single division. In addition, it has a more consistent user interface for editing divisions, couplers, and pistons (or "combinations"). Input of non-ASCII characters may not be working in this release. Users who need to input non-ASCII characters and do not need toe pistons should stay with release 1.0.0 for the time being.

    •  05 Nov 2006 23:27

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to create and set "combinations". A combination is a button that simultaneously turns on or off a group of stops. In GENPO, combinations are also MIDI presets that can be activated by the MIDI "program change" message.

      •  16 Oct 2006 17:25

        Release Notes: This release adds the Couplers Editor for creating, modifying, and deleting couplers. Couplers allow notes played on one division to sound also on the coupled divisions. 16', 8', and 4' pitch are supported. The release also fixes the bug in which previous versions of OrganDesigner stopped listening to the keyboard if SCIM was in use. This release disables SCIM (only for OrganDesigner). Non-ASCII characters can still be input by other methods, including the GNOME Character Map and Compose key combinations.


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