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open PC server integration

opsi (open PC server integration) is a client management software program for Windows clients based on Linux servers. Its core features are automatic software deployment, automatic OS installation, and hardware and software inventory.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2010 10:48

    Release Notes: This release focuses on stability and performance to meet the needs of large installations. Also, there are enhanced possibilities to manage 64-bit clients. Beside these highlights, there is a large bundle of new features, which ease the daily administration business.

    •  31 Aug 2009 18:59

      Release Notes: A new module for Management of software licenses, which isn't free yet (you have to pay 1,000 once). The Management interface has context menu support. The client agent preloginloader 3.4 has two alternative modes. The mode 'opsiclientd' supports Vista and Windows 7, and has other new features, but isn't free yet (you have to pay 2,000 once). The mode 'prelogin' is the well known and free preloginloader 3.3 technology. The opsi-winst installation shell is enhanced.

      •  12 May 2009 11:04

        Release Notes: USB and HD-Audio drivers are supported for simplified driver integration. Support was improved for the Windows Vista/2008 family. OPSI is now ready for Windows 7. The newly developed client agent "opsi-preloginloader 3.4" introduces a completely redesigned architecture. It supports installations at boot time as well as event driven activation and pushed installations. This is the base technology for further enhancements like support for clients which are solely connected via WAN or VPN. This new feature is currently under development.

        •  19 Jan 2009 14:53

          Release Notes: Vista support was added, but is not open source yet. Support for multiple locations was added. Automatic driver integration was enhanced. Central logging was added. Access to logs via the managment interface was added. A MySQL backend was added for hardware and software inventory with history. A lot of smaller enhacements were made. An English translation of the manuals and software was made.

          •  05 Sep 2007 18:14

            Release Notes: Features include a new graphical interface, optional LDAP support, and hardware and software inventory.


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