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IAM OPML Parser Class

IAM OPML Parser Class parses an OPML file (provided its URL) and returns an array. This array contains, for each of the OPML file's elements, the following attributes: link_url, link_name, link_target, link_description, link_rss, created (date of creation), and type (link type: RSS, HTML, etc.). The class uses file_get_contents() to retrieve the contents of the OPML file, and then the XML extension is used to parse and store the file’s data in an associative array, where each outline element is stored using a different array index.

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    26 Jun 2010 02:44 davidjoho

    First, thanks for posting this.

    Sorry to ask a n00b question, but I can't figure out how to get a return that includes info about the nested level (i.e. how many steps back up to the parent) of each outline element; the array seems to be flat. I was hoping that it would $indent would increase the number of $tabs to reflect the indentation level of the outline elements, but it always creates only a single $tab, even with opml files that are nested. (I've tried this with some of Dave Winer's sample OPML files to make sure.) Am I missing something (very likely) about how it works, or is there some simple way to modify it to include the indentation level in the returned array?

    Thanks again for doing this, and for any help you can give a struggling novice.


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