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02 Apr 2001 08:05 sirm

great, great, great.
great browser... i've been using it since the 4.x series for linux, and with each update all the bugs i encountered have been removed.. i love it :)

02 Apr 2001 04:36 kseistrup

5.0-0beta7-20010320-018 still segfaults...
Opera is still not compatible with the libsafe library.
Starting Opera from the CLI yields:

mutende@zigzag:~$ opera

Detected an attempt to write across stack

Terminating /usr/X11R6/bin/opera.


14 Feb 2001 17:18 bytor4232

I just used Opera for the first time yesturday, and I can't seem to exit it! Opera 4.0b6 is just flat great, and when they release java support on the Linux platform, I am SO buying it.

14 Dec 2000 03:28 spinkham

4.0b3 quite good, 4.0b4 seems great!
I use both Opera, Mozilla, and Netscape 4.7x on a daily basis. As of the newest beta, I'm spending much more time in Opera opposed to Mozilla which was previously my predominate choice.
Opera is now fast, stable, and opens most all pages I throw at it, which is more then I can say for either Mozilla or Netscape. Mozilla may one day be better, but for now at least give Opera a try...

05 Dec 2000 16:07 jmcvetta

Doesn't work on OpenBSD
No luck getting Opera to run under linux emulation in OpenBSD. It might be possible if one is willing to put up with making far more symbolic links of libraries than I can personally deal with.

28 Sep 2000 11:45 think

Stay Away From the 4.0 Alpha Builds!!
They provide .bz2 and .deb install options, but no standard .tar.gz or .rpm, first off. So unless you're running alien, you have to shove things around yourself with RedHat. Admittedly, this is a no-brainer, but sometimes it's the little things that count.

The main thing? The 4.0 alpha builds are amazingly unstable. They're so buggy that Opera isn't even taking bug submissions because they already have their hands full with them. I realize that this isn't a final release, but Opera crashes if open for more than five minutes and will freeze up your computer for 2-3 minutes straight from time to time. (It also caused X to suddenly consume well over 100Mb of memory.)

The simple things you want in a browser are missing. Like a status bar at the bottom and an address bar that shows you where you are and lets you type in an address right there, without having to click to bring up a "What address do you want to go to?" dialog. (In the screenshot they show it, but we did not see it when we ran it.) A large back button in the upper-left corner of the screen, not buried in a slew of other buttons.

Here's hoping a 4.0 final will be actually usable. The preview releases suck to the point where it is not useful for them to be demoing them. (Especially if they're not even taking bug reports - who wins?)

18 Aug 2000 22:29 atavus

Forgot one thing...
in true Linux fashion, it absolutly FLIES!!! It starts up several times faster than Netscape (A bit faster than IE in windows) the renderer is great, and, best of all, its tiny compared to the others yet looks bettter than Netscape, and is stabler as well.

18 Aug 2000 22:21 atavus

Great browser!!
I've just started to use Opera for Linux, Tech release 4, and it is just about everything they say it is. The only problem I've seen is (asside from it not being OSS) is it appears to use its own DNS lookup system rather that the standard one, so stuff you've put in /etc/resolv.conf doesn't work. This is only a problem if your like me and have a caching DNS (go set one up!!). It also doesn't recognize localhost, you have to use the IP#. Oh, and it uses Qt not GTK ;P Other than that, its a great browser.

08 Aug 2000 13:27 ward

Opera may be our only hope.
Considering the lack of quality going into the current Netscape/Mozilla product line, Opera may be the Great White Hope for many UNIX/Linux users. Their Windows product is excellent, and well worth the price, so I can only hope that their Linux product will be of the same quality and stability.

I also hope that they support UNIX platforms other than Linux, as many users use Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64, and the like. The BSDs would be an excellent place to start.



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