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22 Aug 2012 03:46 domperignon

I'm a bit paranoid person and OpenVPN helps me feel comortable when using public WiFi networks. Thanks for this great project!

20 Nov 2006 04:16 wizdude

great multi-platform vpn solution
I've been using OpenVPN for years now, and it's proven to be a solid and reliable solution, not only for use with Linux, but also with Windows as well.

I commonly setup a Linux based OpenVPN server and deploy Windows clients.

Very easy to use and can be NATted easily, not like with IPSEC.

I can also highly recommend the graphical front end for windows (OpenVPN GUI for Windows) which is also packaged as a complete installer including OpenVPN. It's available from

21 Aug 2005 22:22 MysteryMetal

Excellent Software
I've setup many VPNs in a variety of environments using OpenVPN over the past year. Most of the VPNs provide tunnels between heterogeneous operating systems and are used 24/7. Thus far, I have not encountered a single unstable installation. Compared to the IPSec firewalls that I have installed in the past, the OpenVPN installations are intuitive, require a fraction of the time, and function properly the first time that they are brought online. I highly recommend OpenVPN over ANY other product that I have used or considered to date.

28 Aug 2003 14:20 cduffy

Great stuff!
An excellent piece of software -- much less intrusive than ipsec (and easier to tunnel, and more amenable to running inside a UML instance); highly configurable; quite robust (though I haven't deployed it to the field yet, but all testing has gone well thus far). Additionally, the Windows port is remarkably stable for being in its first-ever beta cycle.

Kudos to the author.


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