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OpenThought is a powerful and flexible Web application environment. OpenThought applications are different from other Web applications in that all communication between the browser and the server is performed in the background. This gives a browser the ability to receive data from the server without ever reloading the currently loaded document. Data received can be displayed automatically on the existing page, can access JavaScript functions and variables, and can load new pages. Additionally, OpenThought completely manages all of your session data for you. These features give the look and feel of a full-blown application instead of just an ordinary Web page.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2003 15:27

    Release Notes: A problem which kept OpenThought from working on mod_perl 2.x has been fixed. The default directory structure has been modified to be more secure.

    •  27 Aug 2003 16:47

      Release Notes: Several enhancements were done to make application development simpler. You can now update HTML code in IE 4. Several serious bugs have been fixed. Significant improvements were made to the documentation. The installation system has been improved, and requires fewer steps.

      •  29 Apr 2003 17:34

        Release Notes: A problem which kept OpenThought from interacting with checkboxes and radio buttons in some cases was fixed. A test which would fail on certain systems has now been corrected. The Konqueror Web browser should now work with OpenThought. Functions have been added which will allow you to set the title of the application; this previously had to be done manually. You can now append text to a select list by passing in an array reference with just two elements. A number of other changes have also been made.

        •  24 Oct 2002 00:26

          Release Notes: Fixes were made for some problems which kept OpenThought from working properly under CGI. Corrections were made to the installation instructions. There were also some other minor updates.

          •  21 Oct 2002 16:50

            Release Notes: OpenThought can now dynamicaly update HTML and retrieve HTML, in addition to form elements. Problems which kept the included demo application from working have been corrected. There were major enhancements performed on the underlying plugin manager, OpenPlugin. OpenThought has been updated to work with those modifications.

            Recent comments

            03 May 2003 19:52 lf11

            This is way cool
            Way cool. Wonderful project, the demo says it all.
            Next best thing to a full Java/Swing application, but
            way faster (anyone know of some way to speed up
            Swing? :).

            Great for real-time web applications. I love it!


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