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OpenTBS is a PHP tool that helps you to make OpenOffice and MS Office documents using templates. You first design your template using OpenOffice or MS Office, and then OpenTBS merges it with data that you supply from PHP code and databases. It has facilities to manage pictures. The resulting documents are saved to file, served for download, or returned as a string. In fact, OpenTBS can merge any OpenDocument files, any OpenXML files, and any XML files compressed in a Zip archive. No extra exe file is required and it makes no temporary files, since all work is done in memory. OpenTBS is based on the TinyButStrong template engine.

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Last announcement

Try OpenTBS beta version 1.8.0 stable 18 Mar 2013 00:41

OpenTBS 1.8.0 is available for beta version, and is is stable. Download: What's new: - new feature: automatically cleans up spelling in PPTX templates (such information may deconstruct the TBS tags). This feature can be disabled. - new feature: Block Alias helps to define TBS blocks easily on pages, sections,.... - new feature: merging a chart from its title. - new parameter "tagpos" to define the position of the TBS tag realtively to the image (when using "ope=changepic"). - new parameter "delcol" to delete columns in tables. - enhancement: merging charts is also available for LibreOffice documents - enhancement: when using "ope=changepic", default value of parameter "default" is now "current". - new command OPENTBS_SELECT_SLIDE - new command OPENTBS_DELETE_SLIDES - new command OPENTBS_DISPLAY_SLIDES - new command OPENTBS_COUNT_SLIDES - new command OPENTBS_MERGE_SPECIAL_ITEMS - new command OPENTBS_CHANGE_PICTURE - fixed bug: parameter "ope=changepic" did not work in PPTX documents. - fixed bug: parameter "ope=changepic" did not work with [onload] fields in Ms Office. - fixed bug: parameter "default=current" did not work when using MergeField() instead of MergeBlock(). - fixed bug: some tab may be deleted in the template (during the automatic cleanup process). - based on a TbsZip 2.12 - requires TBS 3.8.0

Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2014 20:36

    Release Notes: 8 bugfixes, 6 new features, and 3 enhancements. The new features are: commands for selecting a file, selecting headers and footers, retrieving the list of headers and footers, searching a string in slides, and a new argument $Master for counting a selecting slides. Important fixed bugs are regarding compatibility between LibreOffice and Excel.

    •  03 Feb 2014 00:10

      Release Notes: This release supports the new TBS parameter "parallel" and fixes three bugs: (1) The changed picture is another picture in the document or an empty picture. This could happen if you used the parameter "changepic" with both [onload] and [onshow] or both MergeBlock() and [onshow]. (2) Some TBS fields seem to be ignored in ODT files edited with LibreOffice 4 or higher. This was due to a new RSID feature in LibreOffice which inserts invisible XML elements. (3) No data is displayed when merging numerical cells in ODS files built with LibreOffice 4 or higher. This was due to a new attribute in subjacent XML elements.

      •  30 Aug 2013 23:42

        Release Notes: The loaded template can now be a PHP file handle. MS Excel Sheets are now saved with explicit references for rows and cells, so merged templates are viewable with LibreOffice and other third viewers. Keywords for changing cell types are the same for LibreOffice and MS Office. TbsZip 2.14 is now used. A bug where a DOCX file could be corrupted when using "block=tbs:page" and the last paragraph of the document has no text was fixed.

        •  03 May 2013 22:56

          Release Notes: This release added 12 new features, three enhancements, and four bugfixes. Spelling in PPTX templates is automatically cleaned up. A block alias helps you to easily define TBS blocks on pages and sections. New "tagpos", "delcol", and "mergecell" parameters were added. Merging of charts is now available for LibreOffice. New commands were added OPENTBS_SELECT_SLIDE, OPENTBS_DELETE_SLIDES, OPENTBS_DISPLAY_SLIDES, OPENTBS_COUNT_SLIDES, OPENTBS_MERGE_SPECIAL_ITEMS, and OPENTBS_CHANGE_PICTURE.

          •  06 Jun 2012 22:57

            Release Notes: Lost spaces that may happen around merged TBS fields in MS Word documents were restored. The patch doesn't work for headers and footers, unfortunately.


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