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OpenSSN is a modern submarine simulation that tries to balance fun, realism, and simplicity. Players are able to explore, detect ships, and manipulate sonar. The simulation includes enemy ships, torpedoes, and a variety of combat missions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Sep 2011 19:18

    Release Notes: This release adds a greatly improved AI system, increases the mobility of the player's submarine (it changes depth much faster), and adds several new missions. A number of bugs were fixed, making for a more stable experience and increasing the number of potential vessels in a scenario.

    •  18 Sep 2011 19:09

      Release Notes: This release improves cross-platform compatibility and allows OpenSSN to be built on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and MacOS X. It adds thermal layers (giving submarines a new way to hide), an improved targeting system, and one new mission. A Spanish copy of the manual has been included.

      •  15 Aug 2011 18:33

        Release Notes: This release contains some important bugfixes and new features. The game should no longer lose connection to the display (X11), AI has been improved, and torpedoes detect collisions more accurately. Sound support has been added, along with some sound effects, and a new mission has been added. Sonar has been improved and active sonar pulses are now available.

        •  06 Jul 2011 00:42

          Release Notes: This release corrects bugs in the makefile, making the game more portable. A new mission has been added and noisemakers now work. Some improvements have been made to the AI.

          •  26 Jun 2011 13:26

            Release Notes: This release improves torpedo handling and enhances the sonar "waterfall" display. The game now includes two combat missions. This version also fixes some bugs and improves performance.


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