Comments for OpenShot Video Editor

18 Jun 2011 20:34 atai

really usable and works for me

23 Sep 2010 22:48 JonOomph

Version 1.2.2 has been released! To read the full details and watch a video demonstrating some of the new features, check out this URL:

3D Animated Titles, Improved Timeline, New Effects, and lots of stability improvements! Download Today!

07 Mar 2010 07:24 JonOomph

Guess what! Not only has OpenShot been accepted into Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and will soon be a 1 click install, it will be version 1.1 of OpenShot! Read more at

21 Jun 2009 05:44 JonOomph

Today we are announcing our new export video dialog!!! This is no ordinary video export screen, but rather a complete set of video, audio, and image encoding features! Read all about it at

20 Jun 2009 07:02 JonOomph

OpenShot has a new "Title Editor", which let's a user quickly setup a new title (based on a template), change colors, fonts, background color, and even the opacity! If that's not enough control, we launch Inkscape as our advanced editor. View screenshots at

19 Jun 2009 05:09 JonOomph

I am proud to announce that OpenShot Video Editor now supports video transitions! Please come check out all of the new screenshots:

19 May 2009 14:13 JonOomph

We have just released a new feature that allows the user to edit any video clip frame by frame in their favorite image editing software (i.e. Gimp, Blender, Inkscape). OpenShot still treats the new image sequence as a regular video clip, so it's still easy to resize, trim, and arrange on the time-line! We have posted new screenshots on our website:

14 May 2009 04:01 JonOomph

Please help promote our project by nominating us in the Community Choice Awards (hosted by SourceForge). Please click this link to nominate our project:

12 May 2009 06:45 JonOomph

Just added the ability to add markers to the time-line, which lets the user mark points of interest in their video project. Using the new video controls, the user can quickly jump between each marker (represented by the glassy purple lines). New screenshots on

06 May 2009 17:23 pjman

This project looks very promising!!


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