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OpenRADIUS is a RADIUS server that allows you to use external data sources for anything - shared secrets, accounts and passwords, profiles, session database, NAS lists, called/calling nr. ACLs, accounting storage, and much more. It has a powerful external module interface that uses pre-spawned subprocesses and pipes for communication, allowing you to implement modules in any language that supports Unix pipe I/O. Its behaviour is fully configurable, using a simple built-in language that gives you full control over the request and reply list. It includes versatile LDAP and SQL modules, a full featured RADIUS client, and a fully functional example configuration for metered pre-paid accounts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2005 00:35

    Release Notes: A complete example configuration for keeping metered pre-paid accounts in MySQL was added. The dictionary has been restructured to allow access to the whole packet in the behaviour file. A contributed improvement to radldap allows you to bind on an object that was returned by a prior search. Logging was made friendlier. A behaviour file operator was added to rewrite MAC addresses in a canonical format. Some minor bugfixes were made.

    •  11 Aug 2004 22:33

      Release Notes: In this first release after a long time, a lot of enhancements were made. The server implements full, database-driven proxying through its flexible RADIUS client. Some example configuration and behaviour files were updated, and a set was added for PostgreSQL. A module was contributed to authenticate users against Windows NT servers. Some improvements were made to the behaviour language, the logging module, and the debugging output of the module interface, and a few bugs were fixed.

      •  02 May 2003 13:56

        Release Notes: The most important feature of this release is an SQL module which supports arbitrary SQL statements and bind variables. It allows you to query any database supported by DBI/DBD from the behavior file. Data sets resulting from queries can be returned to OpenRADIUS or can be used as check items against A/V pairs received from the core. An example schema for MySQL and a configuration and behavior file have been added.

        •  03 Apr 2003 18:01

          Release Notes: A few bugs were fixed in the RADIUS client. Also, some documentation and usage examples were added.

          •  25 Feb 2003 16:16

            Release Notes: The build system and installation procedure was completely rewritten to make it more user friendly to both the developer and administrator. A full featured RADIUS client was added that supports redundant target servers, multiple simultaneous requests, full control over the packets that are being sent, and both PAP and CHAP password encoding. It uses OpenRADIUS' standard ASCII module interface, so that you can use the client from any program that supports Unix pipe I/O. A number of minor bugs were fixed.


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