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OpenPSA is a Web application designed specifically to meet the needs of Web agencies and consultants. It aims to be a one-stop solution for the management of typical agency business processes, such as project management and time tracking, invoicing and document management, and group calendars. It also includes CRM features such as sales force automation and direct marketing, and is extendable via the builtin component framework.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Dec 2013 22:14

    Release Notes: The most notable changes are a new, fullCalendar-based interface for calendar browsing, the rewritten Watcher service (based on Symfony Event Dispatcher), and numerous performance improvements for working with large object trees in Asgard. Furthermore, this release features improved PHP 5.5 compatibility, initial support for running on midgard-portable, and improvements for CLI mode and Asgard shell functionality.

    •  11 Aug 2013 09:53

      Release Notes: The main focus of this release has been the deeper integration of Composer: the majority of bundled PHP libraries have been replaced by Composer dependencies, and installing out-of-tree components is now fully supported by the framework. Aside from that, tons of legacy workarounds were removed, all Javascript dependencies were updated to their latest major releases, and performance and usability improvements were implemented all over the tree.

      •  07 Apr 2012 19:44

        Release Notes: This release improves code editing by integrating CodeMirror, which brings much better robustness and performance. All in-tree code has been converted to the new API, and a backward compatibility wrapper is provided. There's a new slideshow component, a simple, Galleria-based image gallery with an HTML5 admin backend. There are lots of smaller fixes, cleanups, and usability improvements all over the tree. In total, 1,422 files were changed, with 37,834 insertions and 34,082 deletions.

        •  19 Dec 2011 21:27

          Release Notes: Some highlights of this release include 125 new unit tests and greater coverage for many existing tests, and a completely overhauled indexing system that makes reindexing up to 10 times faster, improves index contents, and fixes a number of deletion-related issues. There is also better extensibility through component inheritance: You can now extend existing components, overriding only the parts you want to adapt. There were also new, helpful little features, bugfixes, and performance and usability improvements.

          •  03 Sep 2011 18:47

            Release Notes: Large parts of the codebase were refactored and cleaned up quite rigorously. The collection of unit tests has grown. There are usability improvements, new features, and fixes all over the place. OpenPSA is now much more interactive thanks to the large-scale rollout of JavaScript data grids. Also, support for consumer customers and related invoicing and sales management tasks were improved.


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