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OpenProtect is an anti-spam server that filters spam and blocks viruses, phishing, and other malware. Acts as an SMTP gateway and integrates with any email server like Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, Exim, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Zimbra, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jan 2011 15:58

    Release Notes: Antispam / Antivirus / Antiphishing / Malicious attachment filtering. Never lose another email via store and reject technology. An AJAX WebUI to manage all settings with ease. Extensive and powerful search to find the status of all connections/mails flowing via the email filter. Disclaimer functionality. Reserve SMTP connections: your known senders never wait. Fuzzy whitelist protecting you when a spam message poses as your whitelist sender. Intelligent backscatter free sender alerts. Integrate and filter inbound and outbound message as an SMTP gateway. Automatic updates.

    •  20 Oct 2005 09:04

      Release Notes: MailScanner was updated to version 4.46.2 with an improved phishing net for JavaScript. A highlight Phishing fraud option was added along with the ability to quarantine all mail that has been modified and a Scan Messages option to completely disable processing of a particular mail address. ClamAV was updated to 0.87 and SpamAssassin(SA) was updated to 3.1.0 with many plugins and MCP patches for better spam/MCP filtering. A openprotect-test utility that sends test virus, spam, and clean mail to verify the setup was added along with openprotect-renew, which installs a KAV license and views expiry status. razor 2.77 with various bugfixes was included.

      •  01 Jul 2005 04:45

        Release Notes: MailScanner was updated to 4.43.6-1, which has several fixes and new features to handle archives and HTML messages. URIBL_JP_SURBL was added from SURBL for more accurate spam detection. ClamAV was updated to 0.86.1, which fixes a DOS attack vulnerability when handling compressed archives. Razor2 was updated to 2.72, which fixes a denial of service attack when handling certain malformed messages. The Compress-Zlib, File-Temp, and ExtUtils-MakeMaker perl modules were updated. Rules Du Jour was updated to 1.21 to include updated SA rulesets like SARE. An automatic warning is now given to the admin if a new version of OpenProtect is released.

        •  17 Jun 2005 18:12

          Release Notes: This release adds djbdns to cache RBL lookups and faster SA-based spam detection. It reduces DNS related spam checks like SURBL and RBL checks by around 0.4 to 0.8 seconds. Updated to MailScanner-4.41.3-1 with better phishing support and rar support. Updated to SA-3.0.4 with support for faster, better URI checks and bayes checks. Updated to ClamAV-0.85.1, which detects more viruses. Modules installation has been changed for more graceful handling of errors. DB_File has been added for faster Bayesian database under SA (needs db and db-devel to function properly).

          •  04 Apr 2005 00:07

            Release Notes: This release adds SA 3.0.2 with SURBL support for faster Spam Scanning. RazorV2 has been added for a faster and more accurate spam classification through SA. Overall memory/CPU usage of SA has been reduced by over 50 MB by deleting bigevil, and instead using SURBL.

            Recent comments

            13 Mar 2005 03:21 opencomputing

            Re: Deceptive License Designation - FOR PROFIT SERVICE

            > This is not GPL software.

            OpenProtect is GPL software, please refer to LICENSE file in the openprotect-x.x.x.x.tar.gz package. we offer commercial support and KAV Technology License for 1 year for a fee.

            07 Mar 2005 19:00 jeffcovey

            Re: Deceptive License Designation - FOR PROFIT SERVICE

            > This is not GPL software.

            What makes you say that? The LICENSE file in the tarball says
            "All the components other than Kaspersky AV are distributed under the GPL."
            All the scripts have the customary GPL boilerplate at their heads. I'm
            not sure what you want.

            04 Mar 2005 12:33 0x1b

            Deceptive License Designation - FOR PROFIT SERVICE
            This is not GPL software. This is a service that uses GPL software (pimpin' Kaspersky Antivirus too) and charges an annual service fee.

            The proper License designation should be "Other/Proprietary License with Source" at best. I could find no mention of the GPL in relation to OpenProtect (sic.) code on the website. Other than that it looks like a good idea.

            So sorry, So sad.


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