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Opennap NG

Opennap NG is a Napster-like sever based on Opennap. It offers more security features, bugfixes, WinMX abuse tracking/penalizing, and new features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jan 2006 18:39

    Release Notes: Ghosts are fixed properly, including a ghost kill timer for de-bouncing ghosts. A server crash when linking a server with an invalid_nick already online has been fixed. Tag 10018, server encapsulated, has been fixed to greatly reduce bandwidth usage. Memory usage in all supported operating systems has been fixed. There are other minor changes.

    •  14 Sep 2003 19:44

      Release Notes: The 100% idle bug and many other open bugs have been fixed, so it should be free of any major bugs at this point. "make rpm" has been fixed so that it builds now. See release notes for details on older RPM-based systems. Critical error logging works even if log_stdout is set to 0. ACL checking is disabled on login. Some extra information has been added, such as if a user is killed for ignoring a mod+, their nick is in the kill/ban messages. Operserv documentation has been updated (it was poorly lacking). invalid_client logins and other invalid_* data has been added to output logging. abuse_bans_ip configuration has been added.

      •  23 Nov 2002 20:58

        Release Notes: A nasty bug with banning users without a reason string was fixed. Small changes were made here and there, mostly cleanup things. All the source is now in a src directory. There are now Debian and RPM configuration files. The manual has been updated. A Perl configuration script has been added. A browse_nag variable was added to control server browsing nagging of users. Some Win32 fixes were made.

        •  14 Aug 2002 17:52

          Release Notes: This release replaces fopen() with open() for Solaris, frees more previously unfreed memory (thus less memory leaks), adds log_level to determine precisely what you want to see in stdout or the &log channel, fixes bans so there isn't a forced newline, adds Debian packaging information, improves compiling on Visual C in Windows, and fixes a segfault or two.

          •  26 Jun 2002 06:38

            Release Notes: Private channels can be listed for admin+, additional userflags and an improved userflag handler were added, and the blockban handler was improved in such a way that files which were shared by a suspect are broadcasted (configurable) to the mod+ on the local server. The sample.block file was updated to reject files suspected of containing child porn., and adjustable logging levels have been started. There was a fix for an eject_* bug in b4 where users not abiding by the limits never got ejected, and another where remote users were handled by local restrictions.


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