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openMosixview is a cluster-management GUI for openMosix-cluster which contains useful applications for monitoring and administration. It is a complete rewrite of Mosixview.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2003 11:34

    Release Notes: Autoconf is now replaced by static Makefiles, the openMosixmigmon now works together with the "miggroup" feature in the openMosix kernel, the openMosixmigmon displays only "migratable" processes, a new openMosix monitoring application was added, a font bug was fixed, the use of tmp files was reduced and there were some smaller bugfixes.

    •  07 Feb 2003 20:05

      Release Notes: There is a new openMosixmigmon application which monitors and displays process migration in your cluster in a graphical way. You can move/migrate processes around your cluster by dragging and dropping them to other nodes with your mouse. The openMosixcollector has been adjusted to work with openMosixWebView. There are better spec files, meaning better RPMs and SRPMs. There is a new source package with an updated automake/autoconf environment. Some typos have been fixed.

      •  19 Nov 2002 00:06

        Release Notes: New "lock" and "nmigs" columns in openMosixprocs, removal of alphabetic sorting of nodes (nodes will be displayed like they are appear in /proc/hpc/nodes), a redesign of the "migrator" window, a new local+remote process count, display of more information about remote processes, a new "lock/unlock" process function, fixes for some typos, fixes for "syncing" of logfiles in openMosixcollector, fixes to openMosixview for compiling with gcc-3.x, and addition of 3dmosmon as an optional add-on.

        •  22 Aug 2002 13:10

          Release Notes: openMosixview is a complete rewrite of Mosixview. All buggy parts have been removed or rewritten and the application is much more stable now. It has also been adapted to the openMosix autodiscovery system. Neither /etc/ nor any cluster-map file is used anymore. The buggy map-file parser was removed. All parts/functions/methods were rewritten with a cleaner C++ interface. Some smaller bugs in the display were fixed. MosixMem+Load was replaced with openMosixanalyzer.

          •  01 Mar 2002 15:46

            Release Notes: MOSIXVIEW now supports OpenMosix (it will automatically detect Mosix or OpenMosix). This release adds a reason why processes won't migrate in the migration-dialog, support for dynamically adding and removing nodes from the cluster, a test to see whether /etc/ exists, and a test to see whether MOSIX was started before executing, It moves the processbox button (MOSIXVIEW_CLIENT) to the toolbar, and removes the one timer and status checkbox. MOSIXCOLLECTOR now collects overallload, allmem, usedmem, and load-balancing too. The left column in MOSIXMEM and MOSIXLOAD is now fixed.

            Recent comments

            25 Jan 2004 05:07 evil9000

            Very good project. I didnt know if my cluster was working until I started running this program. Gives accurate information with lots of power. This should be part of the main website :)


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