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09 Dec 2005 10:21 RedHatRebel0

Re: Message from the Owner
This comment does not apply anymore. When starting on the development of OpenLDev, I was sure it was going to take a lot longer to reach the point where it was ready for production use. While the application is still in beta, it has the functionality needed by most C/C++ programmers.

13 Jul 2005 05:35 RedHatRebel0

Re: default gtkmm project build did not work
It will be fixed in version 0.4.1. Thanks! As for your "p.s.", that may very well be added in the future. For now, you can add libglademm-2.4 to the PKG_CHECK_MODULES line to include glade files.

In the future, could you please direct bug reports to our SourceForge bug tracker at ( Thanks. - Andrew Krause

13 Jul 2005 03:17 bier444

default gtkmm project build did not work

very fine ide, especially for gnome. better than anjuta. i'm sure that vs. 0.5 will also be very good, maybe better.

little problem:

my first test to make a gtkmm project produced errors. can't find this and that.

so i compared the template with that of sysinfo (from the examples page).





PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GTKMM, gtkmm-2.4,,exit)

into from the template/gtkmm.tar solved the problem. now it works.


p.s.: it would be fine to have an option for including glade-files or (better) have an included ide-builder.

02 Mar 2005 20:13 RedHatRebel0

Re: How about autoconf/autobuild tools?
Well, naming your firstborn might be going a little far, although my name is Andrew ... anyway. I have plans on doing more integration with standard tools very soon. And do not worry, my goal is to keep everything as easy as possible.

If you have any more ideas, comments or bugs, feel free to post them to (

02 Mar 2005 18:54 aendeuryu

How about autoconf/autobuild tools?
This project looks great. If there was any chance that the gui could find an easy way (as in, easy for a c/c++ beginner to understand) to implement autoconf/autobuild etc., I'd name my firstborn after you.

12 Sep 2004 07:43 RedHatRebel0

Message from the Owner
Note: This program does not and will not have the functionality needed by a c/c++ programmer until atleast version 0.5. If you are interested in helping produce code, then feel free to download the source & contact me with ideas. If you are a developer looking for a stable user interface for gcc/g++, come back when version 1.0.0 is released.


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