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OpenJade DSSSL Processor

OpenJade is a suite of tools for validating, processing, and applying DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) stylesheets to SGML and XML documents. It is a project undertaken by the DSSSL community to maintain and extend Jade and the related SP suite of SGML/XML processing tools.


Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2002 20:33

    Release Notes: This is, in most respects, a minor update to the previous stable release. It incorporates some fixes to the MIF and Transform backends. The highlight of the release is that it now supports and is intended to be used with the latest version of OpenSP. Distributors can provide separate and independent "packages" for OpenSP and OpenJade.

    •  25 Jan 2002 18:44

      Release Notes: This release adds support for new platforms and architectures, including Mac OS X/Darwin and Cygwin, Intel ia64 under Linux (and S/390, PPC, Sparc, Alpha, etc.), support for GCC 2.95.3, RH-GCC 2.96, GCC 3.0, GCC 3.1, and MS VC++ 6.0, upgraded GNU source configuration tools that make openjade more portable (to reach more environments), improvements to the TeX backend, including enhanced table support and working double-sided output support (this requires jadetex 3.4 or later), and manual pages for the various tools in the package.


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