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OpenGUI is a high-level multi-platform, thread-safe C/C++ windowing and graphics library built upon a fast, low-level graphics kernel. It provides 2D drawing primitives and an event-driven windowing API for easy application development. The benefit of this library is speed, power, and a well-designed API with a narrow learning curve. It supports the BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, TIFF, and PCX image file formats, color gradients, and TTF fonts. There is also basic XML file support and a smart persistence wrapper. OpenGUI supports the keyboard and mouse as event sources, the Linux framebuffer, SVGAlib, and XFree86/DGA2 (HW accelerated) as drawing backends, Mesa3D under Linux, and 8, 15, 16, and 32-bpp color modes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2007 09:50

    Release Notes: tinyxml was upgraded to 2.4.3. Fbmode 1600x1200-8bit 60hz was fixed. The mouse driver was much improved. A new mouse driver was added for the generic /dev/mice in Linux 2.6.x. The case when OpenGUI was compiled and linked with 16-bit color mode and the X server runs in 32-bit mode was fixed. Bad modal window behavior was fixed. The SCREENSHOT hotkey on Linux 2.6.x was fixed. Right clicking on an unfocused window now emits GETFOCUS and RIGTHCLICK events. Some valgrind issues were fixed. The signature of FGDialog::ShowYesNo() was changed. FGMatrix::double get_scale() was added. FGMatrix& FGMatrix::scale( double s) was added.

    •  06 Feb 2006 16:22

      Release Notes: A fix was made for compiling gcc 4.1.0. New mouse acceleration code was written. Installation with su is now possible, since $USER was chaged to $UID. Non-virtual dtor was fixed for FGConnector(). A fix was made for a crash in mapRect(). A fix was made for map(FGPointArray). Bad truetype2 was fixed. A critical fix was made for a crash on a deleted window. Explicit idcb reset was fixed. A ttf cache was added. The tinyxml library was updated to the latest version, 2.4.2.

      •  12 May 2005 12:25

        Release Notes: The library was succesfully ported to the AMD x86_64 64-bit platform (Fedora core 3). Some small fixes were made.

        •  25 Feb 2005 14:17

          Release Notes: This release adds a new build system, full CYGWIN support, revisited compiling under Solaris 8 and 10, fixes for alpha blending with 16bit modes, revisited and fixed examples, and much faster building on Windows.

          •  09 Feb 2005 14:35

            Release Notes: A dynamic GUI interface for building a UI via an XML file was added.

            Recent comments

            28 Jan 2001 04:34 nezmar

            new FORUM about the library
            see at:

            22 Sep 1999 10:08 jamesh

            From what I read on the home page, this has nothing to do with the OpenGL API. The name seems a little bit misleading in this respect


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