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Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem and block device designed to provide inline deduplication and flexiblity for applications. It benefits services such as backup, archiving, NAS storage, and Virtual Machine primary and secondary storage, and can be deployed in both a stand alone and distributed, multi node configuration. Standalone, it provides inline deduplication, replication, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. In a multi-node configuration, it adds global intra-volume deduplication, block storage redundancy, and block storage expandability. and will store and share unique data blocks with other volumes within the cluster. These volumes can also specify a level of redundancy for data stored in the cluster.

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Last announcement

New SDFS Performance Metrics Released 26 May 2011 00:41

New SDFS performance numbers are out and have greatly improved in 1.0.5. SDFS now provides over 10 Gb/s for most work loads. Check it at

Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2014 16:26

    Release Notes: This release fixed replication reporting of progress by bytes transferred, symlink issues when a file does not exist, symlink permissions, and a clustered DSE buffer size mismatch issue. The Guava library was upgraded to version 1.7.

    •  20 Mar 2014 22:22

      Release Notes: This release includes fixes for both inline fixed and variable block deduplication. It also includes fixes for Azure block storage. Until the final 2.0 release, the focus will be on bugfixes, and there will be no new features or architectural changes.

      •  05 Mar 2014 05:46

        Release Notes: This release adds Variable Block deduplication for local and cloud storage. This allows accurate inline deduplication for structured and unstructured data with the SDFS filesystem.

        •  21 Jan 2014 12:15

          Release Notes: This release includes a fix for reclaiming blocks from file-based chunkstores and basic structure for variable block deduplication. Beta 4 will include basic support for variable block deduplication.

          •  14 Jan 2014 06:49

            Release Notes: A deduplicated virtual volume manager was added. Opendedup can now run as a virtual block device and dedup any filesystem on top of it. EXT4, btrfs, and OCFS2 were tested for validation and QA. All perform and function as if they are running on block device. odvol.make, odvol.start, and odvol.cli were updated with details, and a quick start guide is now available.


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