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Openbox is a minimalistic, highly configurable window manager. Since it supports the latest standards and previous standards, it lets you use the latest applications (which may have been intended for use with GNOME or KDE) without a full desktop environment.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Aug 2013 15:46

    Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in the splitvertical gradient, and a minor cosmetic bug with maximizing undecorated windows.

    •  11 Aug 2013 18:56

      Release Notes: This release adds some accumulated features and bugfixes.

      •  01 Aug 2011 20:46

        Release Notes: This release adds a new focus cycling dialog, menu icons, and fixes many bugs.

        •  14 May 2010 14:25

          Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when pressing right in the menu when nothing was selected. It has some translation updates.

          •  15 Apr 2010 17:46

            Release Notes: Some minor bugs and rare crashes have been fixed. The default submenu delay has been lowered to 100 milliseconds.

            Recent comments

            20 Aug 2004 08:49 johnsonm

            After years of window manager griping, I can stop whining
            I have been complaining ever since GNOME 2.0, when at least for a while it seemed that metacity was the only window manager that worked well with GNOME 2.0 and my old standby, sawfish, definitely didn't. I'm finally satisfied.

            As of this writing, my only complaint would be the fact that obconf does not (yet?) cover keybindings, but the XML config file is quite easy to edit by hand and it took me only a few minutes to get the configuration I wanted, overcoming my frustration with metacity's limited configuration options.


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