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16 Jul 2007 07:13 dsimpson222

Express Edition
Express edition was launched and looks like the best open-source collaboration application that I have seen. Runs on Ubuntu

06 Feb 2007 13:49 hertell

This project seems to be dead
There has been no progress since august 2006... Unfortunately a great project simply dies away..

17 Nov 2006 07:16 steppy28

Re: Zimbra

> We moved from OX to Zimbra. Slick AJAX

> Web UI for both end users and

> administrators. Super simple 10min

> install.


> Zimbra

Zimbra has about 1/2 the functionality and is long-term way more expensive than OX (OX charges only for upgrades, zimbra uses a subscription-based model per-user/per-year). Both are good products, but I would suggest OX if you're looking long-term.

17 Nov 2006 07:08 steppy28

Love it...
Great project, I was amazed at the functionality of it. Hope word gets around soon, the developers deserve the credit. For a small or mid-sized company, this product alone has done wonders for our productivity without taking anything away in terms of training. Thanks guys!!

30 Apr 2006 13:47 CyrilSneer

Re: Great piece of software
Full ACK. After having some problems with the installation (specially the ldap part) it is a smart running piece of software. You'll get a bunch of full featured modules with lots of options. I won't miss it! Thanks to the whole OX developers, as well to the community and keep on the good work.


BTW: For those who have problems its worth to take a look to the forum, the wiki or the mailing lists which contains lots of informations about the installation, documentation and other misc stuff.

13 Apr 2006 09:43 checker

Compare it!
OX has tasks, projects, documents, public folders, several admin interfaces and lots more.
You compare a solution that is able to store appointments and to handle mail with a full featured collaboration suite. Wow!

Right, OX does not have drag and drop (right now) but you can integrate OX in an existing infrastructure. This is important.

There are Debian packages available and Gentoo has a portage where you can install OX in 5 minutes with the services from the distribution. This is real integration in my opinion. BTW, OpenSuse has OX as a package directly included ...


13 Apr 2006 09:18 takingthelead

Great piece of software
Hi. I have installed OX and i tested most of the existing servers and i want to say this software is great.

I found OX because of this article:

Thanks to all the people who made this happen.

Taking the lead,


11 Apr 2006 08:45 hick90024

We moved from OX to Zimbra. Slick AJAX Web UI for both end users and administrators. Super simple 10min install.

Zimbra (

08 Dec 2005 16:39 jaymang

Not sure if this is what these comments are for, but this is seriously one of the coolest applications I have downloaded before. It has met every one of my needs so far and I am sure I have not even come close to figuring out everything it can do. Just wanted to say thanks to all who have made OX what it is.

22 Nov 2005 06:26 bishoph

Re: Outlook Calendar Sharing?

> I was trying to figure out if this can

> be used instead of MS Exchange to share

> MS Outlook calendars. I did not see it

> in the Calendar Clients list on the

> wiki. Anyone know if this will support

> Outlook calendar sharing?

If you are using the Outlook OXtender (Codename: OXlook) the answer is yes.

Here are some additional information:


Project Spotlight


An open, cross-platform journaling program.


Project Spotlight


A scientific plotting package.