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openICEM is a highly scalable server software that aims to provide a certified email service as specified by Italian law. It is based around the Postfix MTA, python-ldap, and python-clamd. It makes use of XML-RPC for communication among servers and does not require any shared service or shared filesystem.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2014 23:29

    Release Notes: An incorrectly certified message ID ('identificativo') used in the daticert.xml file for acceptance receipt/notify was fixed. Several configuration parameters were reviewed and renamed.

    •  16 Feb 2014 23:49

      Release Notes: This release adds the parameter "accept_duplicate_receipts". In case one or more recpients are duplicated, such duplication will be removed in the envelope (by postfix), but the header will still contain them. In this case, the message is not accepted according to "Controlli formali". If the value "accept_duplicate_receipts" is set to 1, duplicates are removed (by openicem) during the comparison between header and envelope, so the message is accepted. Note that the original message still contains the duplicates in the header.

      •  13 Oct 2013 23:17

        Release Notes: This release adds support for alternative methods of delivery other than LMTP. You can use any local Mail Delivery Agent which reads the email message from a pipe and accepts the recipient's mailbox as an argument, such as maildrop, dovecot-lda, or procmail.

        •  10 Aug 2013 00:25

          Release Notes: This release added support, in a multi-node configuration, to trace receipts coming from an external domain using a local SQLite database if the outbound server (i.e the server that has certified the message) is down. XML-RPC is now the only method available to communicate with the SQLite thread. The queue method is no longer supported. More checks were added for certificate validation.

          •  22 Jul 2013 22:05

            Release Notes: First public release.


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