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Onyx is a powerful stack-based, multi-threaded, interpreted, general purpose programming language similar to PostScript and Forth. It can be embedded as an extension language into other applications, and was designed to have a small memory footprint. It is among the smallest embeddable interpreters available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Mar 2005 12:01

    Release Notes: Locking bugs in the bindsocket and connect operators were fixed.

    •  16 Mar 2004 22:33

      Release Notes: A small garbage collector race condition was fixed.

      •  08 Mar 2004 01:31

        Release Notes: The build system was changed to build cleanly on OS X 10.3 and NetBSD. Various minor documentation fixes were made.

        •  18 Jan 2004 08:06

          Release Notes: A race condition that could cause a crash in the garbage collector was fixed.

          •  04 Jan 2004 05:35

            Release Notes: Object-oriented programming support was added. Loadable module support was improved. A command line parsing module was added. Signal handling support was added. A limited form of continuations was added. Stacks were reimplemented to improve performance and reliability. The garbage collector was restructured to improve performance under heavy load. Tail optimization can now be disabled to make debugging easier. Error backtraces now report the files and line numbers where source code originated.

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            17 Mar 2005 09:45 jasone

            Re: need cook to build this

            > Should list that in the dependencies





            17 Mar 2005 08:56 zardoz

            need cook to build this
            Should list that in the dependencies



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