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13 Nov 2009 13:15 dvaldenaire

0.6.9 is out. I just found that CPU usage is lower; Apart from that, the main advantage is the growing base of users. YOU should come with us.

17 Aug 2009 07:49 noelle

This is the best software i've found in this category. It begins to become popular and so the number of available 'resources' should rise. Note that it can be extremely useful for other things that may not come to mind immediatly, like instant messaging, family sharing of photographs, etc. French users should give it a try, and look for the french users forum.

07 Aug 2009 11:52 dvaldenaire

This is a good software. I was very pleasantly surprised with the download speed. I convinced some friends to switch from bittorrent to oneswarm, it simply rocks.

Now it needs a lot more users. And a C implementation on Linux, daemon-like (presently it's possible to work in headless configuration with xfvb, and access the web interface...)

Oh, and by the way, 0.6.5 is out since august, 3rd.


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